Monday, May 23, 2011

The Chestertown Tea Party

May, 1774 Residents of Chestertown, Maryland react to news of the Boston Tea Party by staging a similar protest, dumping a shipment of tea into the Chester River

This weekend there may be another wild drunken Chestertown Tea Party Festival

To late to sign up but they may still take you as vounteers are always in short supply

The authenticity of the Chestertown tea Party has been questioned by historians, who have been able to find little record of the event prior to the Nineteenth century. The first mention of a "tea party" dates from 1899, in a booklet about Chestertown by Fred G. Usilton called History of Chestertown: Gem City on the Chester. Usilton was involved with the local newspaper, which was edited by his his father. Oh well any excuse for a party.

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