Monday, May 02, 2011

Competition Bunny Hops

I recently was reading about competitive Bunny Hopping. It would seem in Europe they train rabbits to hop thru courses consisting of several small jumps of varying height and breadth -- not unlike horse jumping. The obstacle courses are broken down into the straight path, the crooked path, the Long Jump, the High Jump, The Score Jumping, Figure Jumping, and Ski Jumping (Images of tieing a rabbit to a ski and sending it down a mile long ski run comes to mind).

Well I have a rabbit. For the most part Prada is more of an eat, crap and sleep type bunny, but it's cage is set up in tiers so it does jump up and down all day.

Frankly the idea of competition jumping didn't appeal to her and trying to put the leash on her was a losing battle. So the dream of being a Kaninhop champion has passed on.

Yes I need to clean the rabbit cage out again.


Stephanie M said...

what type of cage is that ?

Howard said...

It is a small animal cage usually you see them sold for ferrets or chinchillas