Thursday, May 19, 2011

Curt Lippoldt Of Pocomoke is Gone

Curt Lippoldt, former Mayor of Pocomoke City and former owner of the Western Auto in Pocomoke has passed away on Wednesday. I always thought he was one of the nice guys. When I lived in Pocomoke in the 1970's he ran the Western Auto and when I was running around in my typical don't-know-what-I-want,-do-it-your-self-homeowner mode he was a great help to me in selecting parts and hardware for home fix ups (like Bryan and Brittingham is in Delmar). many times when undecided on a part he would tell me to take it on home and try it, if it didn't work bring it back, and if it did work stop by and pay him for it. Another Icon of Pocomoke that will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Lippoldt was one of the GOOD guys. When I was elected in Delmar he helped me out and was glad to do it. Pocomoke an the Eastern shores loss.

John McDonnell

Anonymous said...

So is little Jessica.

Howard said...

Anon 12:36 I assume you are refering to Jessica Webb. I didn't post anything on her because I didn't know her, but it is always heartbreaking when someone who is 19 dies. So many unfulfilled possibilities to her life vanished and I am sorry for her family's lost.