Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Delmar Town Budget - FY12

Next Monday the Joint Council should have their second discussion of the budget and approve it for Fiscal Year 2012. I stopped by town hall yesterday and looked at it. Anyone can do so, all you have to do is take a little time and be interested in your town and find out what you are paying for. My comments on the budget are;

The budget is bare bones in respect to no major changes were made from last year and no major increases in capital improvements.

The Town has plans for 33 full time and 3 part time employees. With a population (based on census year 2000) 3,266 for both sides of town that is about 1 employee per 100 people. Of the 33, the police will have 15 full time and 2 part time employees.

There was no cost of living raises this year for the employees but there was no decrease in benefits or increases in the employee's share. The current level is maintained and the employee pays 8%.

The police department is 47% of the expenses in the budget. Highways and street is 32% of expenses.

Garbage pick up will be $165 a year per household, however due to Delaware's mandatory curbside recycling the Delaware households will pay an additional $42.92 per year for that honor.

50% of the revenue received by the town is from real property taxes.

5% of the revenue received by the town is from garbage pickup.

The split on share expenses between the two town is 60/40 with Maryland picking up the 60% (based on population of the two towns) There is a street and highways expense that is is split 73/27 based on miles of street between the two towns. Yes the 73% is the Maryland share and yes the Delaware side of town is getting a break on the shared expenses.

There is no growth planned for either town in FY12.

The tax rate per $100 is Delaware 50 cents, Maryland 67.9 cents.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. We have 15 full time police officers and they're rarely seen. What's up with that?
I think I saw a Delmar cop more often when there were like 8 officers.
Maybe they can assign one of those officers to only traffic duty and stop all of the fire lane parking and illegal handicap parking in the two shopping centers.
I was at State Line Plaza yesterday and there were NINE vehicles parked in the fire lane!

Anonymous said...

State Line plaza is private property and unless the owner requests police help the Town cannot do a thing, unless there is an accident.

Anonymous said...

The 2010 census numbers are online.

MD side:

DE side:

3003 MD
1597 DE

Dan E said...

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...
Bla, bla, bla, bla,bla, bla,bla,

Anonymous said...

Because going by Dan E really narrows it down.