Saturday, May 14, 2011

Drug Addiction and the Americans with Disabilities Act

There was an article in the News Journal about Steven A. White (Arrested and Incarcerated in June 1977 for stabbing to death a 76 year old man and his 81 year old wife). Steven has filed a lawsuit against the Delaware Board of Parole alleging it violated the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act because it held his drug addiction against him when they incarcerated him on a parole violation of failing a drug test. He had been sentenced to two consecutive life terms but was paroled after 23 years. Tell me why he was ever released? What board or judge made that decision? As Sheriff Bell from "No Country For Old Men" said "You cant make up such a thing as that I dare you to even try."

Either way this goes you can be sure - you, as a taxpayer, will be paying both for White's lawsuit and the State attorney to defend against it. Obviously it is the taxpayers who should be covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act as they have the disability of being a dumb-ass for putting up with this type of legal system.

Now it just happens that Thomas Leggs is serving two life sentences for the kidnapping and murder of 11-year-old Sarah Foxwell, can you see him being released after 20 years if the inmates don't kill him first?

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