Monday, May 02, 2011


There has been the usual rash of embezzlement in the local papers.

The town clerk of Onancock, Colleen P. Reiber, was arrested April 19 and charged with embezzlement.

William Wilson Scott allegedly misappropriated $826,274 from three Ocean City Area Condo associations.

Latoshia Bailey bilked the town of Princess Anne out of $15,698.50 The Hon. Paula Price accepted the State's Attorney's Office plea agreement and only gave her three years supervised probation, and ordered her to repay the money in $300 monthly installments over 36 months ($10,800). Bailey, who now lives in Memphis, offered to write a $5,000 check so that brings the total that may be paid back to $15,800. I guess the extra $101.50 is for interest, fines and court cost - who are we kidding - at the minimum the woman should have had her left hand cut off for stealing - yet another one gets a way with a slap on the wrist - in Howard's world she wouldn't have a wrist to slap. This area needs a good vigilante committee to handle the job these overpaid and underworked State prosecutors and judges don't do.

The above are reasons why I look at online checkbook transactions and I think the Town of Delmar should be posting theirs on line, not just the school district. The more employees of any organization know many people are looking at them less theft occurs. I still think cutting their left hand off works good also.

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