Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Farrah Morelli Wins School Board Election

Farrah Morelli received 125 votes and Joanne Gum received 105 votes. Congratulations Farrah Morelli and Good Luck.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice race! Well run & well won! Best of Luck, Mrs. Morelli!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the community realizes that we have lost a great deal of experience as well as State of DE educational connections which have been a great advantage to the Delmar School District. Best of luck to the newest member of the Delmar Board of Education.

Debbie said...

Mrs. Gum served the Delmar School District well. While we will miss her expertise and familiarity with current initiatives, I am confident that Mrs. Morelli will work hard to get up to speed and will continue the commitment to our students and the spirit of collaboration that we (the DEA, District, and Board) have enjoyed. Congratulations Mrs. Morelli.
Debbie Keenan
President, Delmar Education Association

Anonymous said...

8:31 Anon
The "connections" with the State of DE should still be there since Ms. Gum was not the only one on the board. If the "connections" were her connections only, then that wasn't the right way for things to be handled.
If Ms. Gum truly cares, she could still be an active part of the Delmar community and with the school and help out where her expertise could best be put to use.
To all,
Why is it that people think just because someone is no longer in a certain "position" that they need to just drop off the face of the earth?
A lot of people in Delmar like Ms. Gum and have high regards for her and what she's done to contribute to the Delmar community. That will not change just because she's no longer on the Board.
Maybe Ms. Gum didnt' campaign much because she was tired. Maybe, she didn't really want to continue on the board. Only she knows the answers.
I wish her well in her future endeavors and do hope she remains active in the Delmar community.

Slightly Jaded said...

While I am very happy at the outcome of this election, I am extremely surprised at the low number of voters. Where are the parents of all the students whose education is affected by this vote? Shame on you for not getting out there for your kids!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Farrah! If the passion, determination & organization you have shown during the election is any sign of things to come when you are serving on the Board, then I believe the parents of Delmar students will really be heard. REALLY disappointed in the poor turnout..I hope there is change there as well!