Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Have Voted

I just returned from voting, it may be another light turnout. I see Farrah Morelli has her signs out and she is sitting out there waiting to answer your questions. She said she would be there until 8 P.M. and possibly will go over to Georgetown if the vote results aren't counted and released here. I didn't see Joanne Gum.

In the 2009 Delmar School Board Election about 579 people voted. Jason Coco (290 votes) beat out incumbent Charles Smith (285 votes) for the five year term. Greg Cathell with 269 votes beat out Wayne Moore (147 votes), Jeff Fleetwood Sr.(91 votes) and Phil Thompson (72 votes) in the three year office term. So we will see if this year has more of a turn out than 2009


Anonymous said...

any idea how the turnout has been so far, Howard?

Howard said...

No I haven't heard anything