Sunday, May 15, 2011

Know Before You Go - Delaware Food Establishment Inspection Reports

It has been a few months since I have looked at the Delaware Food Establishment Inspection Reports. Today looking at the report I find there has been no inspections by the Division of Public Health in Delmar since Last year. Matter of fact the last reported inspection for all of Delaware was Feb 24, 2011. In Delaware, there are over 3,500 permitted food establishments that prepare and serve food to the public. Their website says "Most of these are inspected twice a year", so far this year they have made about 100 inspections in 6 months, so that leaves, at twice a year, another 6,900 inspections they are going to do in 6 months. Their website also says they post their inspection reports weekly so I can only assume February was the last month they left their office desk to go out into the real world.

I also do not understand why since they inspect the Middle and High School they do not inspect the Delmar Nursing Home. No doubt in government turf control, nursing homes, fall under a different agency.

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