Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The May 2011 Joint Council Meeting

The May Delmar Joint Councils meeting was held last night at 7:00PM (Over with by 9:00). Last night's missing members were Delaware Councilman Woody Payne and Maryland Commissioner Karen Wells. My usual disclaimer is I am not part of the council and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes, of the meetings. Again tonight there was a smattering of cell phones going off – not from the council – from the audience. I don’t see why the mayors just don’t say turn off your cell phones before the meeting begins. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real stories go to the meeting or buy a newspaper.

The meeting started with The Pledge of Allegiance

The meeting went in an unformatted fashion tonight so I will just highlight a few things in no particular order that were of interest to me.

Dr Lori Dewald was recognised for her accomplishments

The break-in and theft at the concession stand last month was solved and some items were recovered. Two juveniles were arrested.

The Bloosurf lease was signed by both towns.

Chesapeake Waste won the bid for waste removal in both towns so the garbage pickup rate will stay the same. It is my understanding Delaware came out ahead on this deal as Gov. Markell’s mandatory curbside recycling will be included in this rate.

The budget was approved for next year. The Town employees and elected officials did an exceptional job on the budget this year resulting in the same tax rates and same services with no furloughs or laying off of town employees.

Public works is looking at taking the Delaware Side of town branches, leaves, grass clippings to the Wicomico County Mulching facility. As you know Gov. Markell has stopped those items from going into the Delaware garbage pits. The cost will be $27.50 a ton.

The town had selected a tree trimming company to trim trees that are blocking the street lights on the Maryland side of town but the company had problems with their equipment and will not be able to start for another couple of weeks.

The town is now responsible for the bathrooms at Gordy Park. They have renovated them. The town is buying the security gate from the Little League to go over the bathroom doors when the bathrooms are not in use for $800.

Woodcreek Development took up an abnormally large part of the joint council meeting time last night. Again the residents there are trying to pass the cost of maintaining their development back to the town government. There are 200 plus empty lots in Woodcreek plus the Golf course that will need grass cutting and since the town has an ordinance against tall grass the town will have to cut the lots and golf course and place a lien on the individual properties. The golf course for an initial cutting will cost $4,750 to do, than about half that amount each month. An individual from Woodcreek once again said the town should buy the golf course. This time his suggestion was to apply for Maryland open space grant money, as Maryland supports other golf courses with this taxpayers money. The grant money could also be used to buy equipment to maintain the golf course. The Woodcreek group also complained about the owners of the bankrupt development not turning the irrigation system on to water their lawns and now their grass is turning brown and they would like the town to do something about it. Hell I don’t have an irrigation system I just hook my hose up to the outside facet and connect a sprinkler to it. Of course I have to pay the water bill for that water and maybe once again Woodcreek is just trying to pass a cost off to the town instead of taking responsibility for their property.

The town gave the auditing firm of TGM Inc an audit contract with only one bid. So much for competitive bidding.

Once again the traffic pattern at the High school was pushed off to next month.

Chef Saylor attended the meeting tonight to talk about Redspeed. As you may recall from the January Joint council Redspeed USA is a company that will supply a speed camera to be put in school zones. The company will issue a ticket of $40 for speeding and $25 of that will go to the town. Chef Saylor is saying if the town doesn’t go with a Redspeed or a similar company Wicomico county will, also the state of Delaware is looking at doing this on all school zones and construction road sites. He feels if someone is going to do it anyway we might as well do it and get the money. Before the Chef and the council were not overly in favor of this but now there is a complete turn about and everyone was discussing how much money could be made. They were even more excited about the idea, when the Redspeed representative said if the town supplies them with vehicle information than they would see that ‘special’ people never received a ticket from their company. Special as in mayor and council, town employees, undercover police, volunteer fire company people or anyone the town thought was one of the good old boys network and deserved not to get a ticket. I can’t say there was any mention of children safety, just money and special exceptions. Frankly I was ashamed of the whole bunch of them tonight.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why these homeowners at Woodcreek always think it's the town's responsibility to give them what their developer didn't!?
I'm not happy with the prospect that existing homeowners/taxpayers are going to end up subsidizing this development! That's not fair.
If they have a problem with the developer, then get yourselves together and file a lawsuit! It's not the town's responsibility to bow to your every request! Period!

Anonymous said...

Woody Payne MIA AGAIN!
Some Councilman you've got there!
Keep voting for your "buddies" and this is what you'll keep getting!
More people who have NO interest in doing the job they were elected to do! Fools!

Ron Pagano said...

TO ANONYMOUS: First, I'd like to say that Woodcreek homeowners are part of the "town", not outsiders who are looking for a handout! As a new homeowner here, I can tell you that I am paying real estate taxes to Delmar and Wicomico County, MD. From what I have seen so far, no one is asking for Delmar to "subsidize" anything. The issue surrounding the golf course is one involving town regulations (grass cutting) and safety (pond maintenance). Woodcreek homeowners already pay for the maintenance of their individual properties, including grass-cutting and lawn maintenance. The fact that the developer has filed bankruptcy. leaving the rest of the lots (and the golf course) unmaintained, is not the problem of individual homeowners. Any work performed by the town will be assessed to the individual lots and when those lots are sold (by the bank, at public auction or individual sale) the town will recoup those funds.

You fear that current homeowners/taxpayers will wind up subsidizing these activities?? Well, my friend, we are all afraid of that, since we are ALL homeowners/taxpayers AND RESIDENTS of the Town of Delmar!

Anonymous said...

"...‘special’ people never received a ticket...". Was this really mentioned? I can not believe it! Put them up and whoever gets a ticket, gets a ticket.

Dan E said...

Howard, you might be one of those "special people". "Special" could go either way. When I went to school, we had special education classes for those "special people". I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

1:59 Anon
Yes, you are residents of the town but like I said, it seems that your community wants more than you're entitled to from the town.
Remember the speed bumps? That was something the developer should have done, not the town. While your tax dollars "helped" to pay for it, so did all of the other residents of the town.
I'm sorry that your developer went belly up but I don't feel it's the town's responsibility to come and mow your lawns and your open space areas and water your flowers.
Buy a water hose and do it yourself. At some point the owners at Woodcreek need to bite the bullet and realize you don't have what you thought you paid for.
It's time to gather together and take care of these things yourselves. Then YOU, as a group can file a lawsuit and get YOUR money back.
Any money spent by the town out there most certainly is nothing more than a subsidy for Woodcreek on the backs of all the other tax payers.
Guess you're one of those that think grant money is free money too.
It all comes from OUR taxes, plain and simple.
I've seen posts before from ones out at Woodcreek demanding that you're part of the town, like the other residents alienated you.
Woodcreek alientated themselves a long time ago by acting like they were better than the rest of us so excuse me if I still feel that way.

Ron Pagano said...

TO ANONYMOUS: First, you are obviously unfamiliar with the facts surrounding the current issue; 2nd, you seem more intent on criticizing and creating a divide than in trying to reconcile; 3rd, while you talk about Delmar taxes (non-Woodcreek) going to pay for speed bumps, you fail to mention the enormous positive impact on tax revenue that Woodcreek has had for the entire town. Could that be the main reason why the council was able to balance the budget this year without major cuts? Also, I don't hear Woodcreek residents complaining about their tax contributions being used for non-Woodcreek areas of the town.

I could go on and on about why your comments are unhelpful, misleading, divisive and just incorrect, however...Finally, no one is asking the town to mow our lawns...residents pay a $98 fee each month that goes towards lawn maintenance of our homes and open space. It also covers other items, as well. The town (which Woodcreek is part of) requires that properties be maintained (i.e. lawns, structures, etc); the lawns that are being considered by the town to mow are those owned by the developer (who we have hired an attorney for to represent us in their bankruptcy proceedings...don't worry...WE'RE paying for that out of our own pockets!). This is the same action that would be taken if you or your neighbors decided to stop mowing your lawns and the town came in and mowed them for you, then added that fee to your RE taxes.

As mentioned previously, you seem more intent on creating a hostile environment than finding ways to make things better...especially between long-time residents and those of us who have made the conscious desire to move here and be part of this community. It seems to me that a 'welcoming' community is something you are not familiar with. Also, I hate talking to "Anonymous"...why not share your name as I've done? It can only lead to more familiarity and who knows, maybe friendship?!?!

Anonymous said...

Wood creek get a grip YOU ARE OUTSIDERS with your hands in our pockets.

ProudlyProgressive said...

TO ANONYMOUS: Sad to see that you have so much anger and hatred in you...and for someone you haven't even met!!! I guess that's why there's such blind hate in the world today! I think you have a problem...and it's not with me or other residents here at Woodcreek...it's with your narrow, short-sighted view of the community and world you live in. I still don't know your name, but I assume you are embarrassed to share it, for fear that others in our Town will see you as I do now.

I'm truly sorry that we couldn't have a more productive dialogue, but there are some folks that have such prejudicial ideas that dialogue is impossible!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the last comment 5:36. Really showing your ignorance.

Ron Pagano said...

BTW...just so everyone knows where Comments are coming from: for some reason, my last posted comment was listed under "Proudly Progressive"(an old Blog of mine that was never used)...but should have been under "Ron Pagano"

And to the 2nd "Anonymous"...thank you for your comment re: 5:36 PM"! ;)

Also, to the "5:36PM" commenter: You obviously don't know me. I just wanted you to know that my wife and I are NOT "outsiders" as you stated; my wife's family has been here for 60 years and she lived in and raised her 3 great kids in Delmar. Your statement not only shows blind hatred but ignorance and indifference about who you are speaking to!

Anonymous said...

Hang on one minute.
9:57 and 5:36 are NOT the same person.
I don't know who 5:36 Anon is, but that comment was not from me (9:57)

While I can appreciate your wanting the codes to be enforced, there's more to this than that and you know it.
I've known several people from Woodcreek and they've all been very nice people but when it comes to the politics/governing of the town, it does seem that Woodcreek (as a whole) always "wants" something that I don't believe is the Town's responsibility to provide.
That's how I feel and that's how I'll continue to feel.
The ones I know personally who live in Woodcreek know exactly how I feel and they understand why I feel the way I do.

Ron Pagano said...

TO ANONYMOUS, 3:13": This is why using names is better than anonymous comments! It can get very confusing when several "Anonymous'" start commenting. I still am baffled by your position that Woodcreek residents are always seeking more than they deserve (to paraphrase your statement). Maybe you can help me understand exactly what you're referring to? My wife and I purchased our home in September, '10 and I honestly don't understand what your issues with Woodcreek are. So far, I haven't seen anything listed by you that supports your position. As far as "5:36" goes, I'm glad to see that you are of a different mind. ALSO, remember that if you had previous issues with Woodcreek or any of its residents (or the deadbeat developer), that doesn't necessarily mean that those issues are still valid. If you think they are, then maybe this is a good time to discuss them and perhaps, we can help each other understand our individual perspectives. The fact remains that Woodcreek isn't going anywhere (in fact, more growth is planned for Delmar) and being at odds with each other won't help our Town in the long run.