Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Reply To Howard's Comments Regarding Woodcreek

Howard's Note: Mr. Unsell and myself have different views on Woodcreek. I invited him to write his comments and post them on the Dustpan.

Dustpan Readers:

I am a resident of Wood Creek who has taken on the responsibility of updating the Town Joint Councils on our situation in Wood Creek (as Howard has taken on the responsibility of informing our lovely Town and community, at least in his own way, of what's going on in our community from his point of view, and I commend his efforts on our behalf, however opinionated).

I read with interest his report on the last two Joint council meetings in this blog, and would like to clarify a couple of issues:

Regarding our sprinkler system: We paid dearly, up-front, to have that system installed, and certainly enjoyed the convenience of it until this year. The operation of the sprinkler system is something that we do pay for ourselves, through our $98/per month HOA dues and a $647 annual facilities assessment, and we expected it to be operational 2-3 months ago; however, our system is attached to the golf course irrigation system, and the golf course is very much in limbo right now, as I'm sure you are aware. Today, we decided to initiate legal action against the Thomasson's (PCS Homes), and expect, in time, that things will return to "normal" around here, whatever that can be defined as these days. I cringe at your insinuation that we are "too lazy" to hook up a hose and turn on the sprinklers...I'll have you know that those women who have been attending the joint council meetings every month have an average age around 75+ years old, have paid up front for the sprinkler system and pay each month for it's continued operation. Why should they be expected to hook up a hose and sprinkler, and spend more of their fixed-income money?

Regarding our pool: We would object very strongly if the Town, or anybody else outside our community, even suggested buying the pool, and in fact, hope that the pool and clubhouse are owned and controlled by our Homeowners Association at some point in the future.

Regarding Mowing the Golf Course: If you had a neighbor who had an empty lot, and their lack of attention to the mowing of that lot led to the devaluing of your property, would you just ignore the problem and live with it, or would you ask the Town to send that neighbor a letter warning that if they didn't comply with the grass height ordinance and mow the lot by a certain date that it would be mowed on their behalf, and the owner would receive a bill? (Hope you're intelligent enough to answer that question with a "Yes.") We are in that situation, admittedly on a much larger scale, living in a "golf community" with a golf course that is quickly becoming a jungle due to lack of maintenance...we are not asking the town to pay for mowing the course; just to enforce the grass height ordinance at the expense of the owner of the property. We are not even asking that the course be put back in "playable" condition, just that it be put in the condition it was in before the grass got 3-feet high, so it looks somewhat presentable and does not further erode our already-depressed property values! And if Wood Creek is your idea of a "Utopia," look again....then take a look at a real golf community like Glen Riddle, Lighthouse Sound or Heritage Shores. We pay taxes to the Town of Delmar (I would guess a lot more taxes than the like-valued home on the other side of the state line) and, believe it or not, have every right to expect the town to enforce the grass height ordinance, so that Delmar remains a "livable community," just as you do.

Regarding the purchase of the Golf Course: We don't really believe for a minute that the Town will ever give serious consideration to purchasing and running the golf course, but I believe that as an asset for the future of the Town, it would be a good decision for the town to make if the price were right, for at least four reasons: 1.) It would make a fine addition to the Parks and Recreation offerings of the Town; 2.) It could have educational value as the home course of the Delmar Wildcats Golf Team, as it was in the past; 3.) It could serve as a training ground for students enrolled in UMES's "PGA Golf Management Degree Program;" and 4.) I believe it could be a significant source of income to the Town as we continue to recover from the downturn in the economy.

I also resent your depiction of me as a "golf player out of Woodcreek." Although I have been "retired" to Wood Creek since February of last year, I have spent most of my time since February of this year working on what is nearly a full-time basis, pro-bono, to help my neighbors achieve at least a modicum of what they expected when they purchased a home in our "Utopia."

Lloyd Unsell, Jr.
Wood Creek Golf Community
Delmar, MD


Anonymous said...

Amen, Lloyd! Thank you for your diligent efforts at clarifying the issues with the truth and pursuing the enforcement of the laws and ordinances of the Town of Delmar, and Wicomico County.

The residents of Wood Creek are more than property owners and golfers. We are an asset to Delmar. We are involved in the Town and larger community. We volunteer at Town Hall, the library, various parades, Little Leagues, the Schools, the Heritage Day events, at the churches, at the nursing homes, and serve on various Town committees, commissions, and councils. Giving of one's time is precious and priceless, and we give much to this Town.

Anonymous said...

At the town council meeting Lloyd said the pool and clubhouse could be had for $12,000. Why doesn't he and others in the area simply buy them? 200 units have been sold there, some at nearly $300k, but they can't come up with $12,000 collectively?

lloyd said...

About the $12,000: That's the minimum amount that would be required to pay back taxes at the tax auction. Then, the owners and/or banks involved have up to three years in which to "redeem" the property. So, if you were able to succeed in the tax auction, you would likely be tying up $12,000 for a 3 year period, and never see any result from your bid. Our attorney advised us not to worry about the tax auction, as it is very unlikely the two banks involved would stand by and do nothing while a $million asset gets snatched up for $12,000.

Anonymous said...

May be the town could look into grant money to buy the golf course.
It could be an asset to the town.

Williams said...

I along with many of my neighbors have been trying to find out WHO to contact about the landscaping maint at wood creek, we live behind you on mar lynn drive, MANY of your trees on your property have fallen, damaging our fences, storage buildings etc. and several more that are going to fall at any time. I am at 8974 Mar lynn, and my next door neighbor has been having the same problem. If you have any information on who to contact, I would appreciate it. We are having new very expensive privacy fence put up next week, and if i have to pay my tree guy to remove the fallen trees to prevent any further damage to my property, I will have to file suit against wood creek, and give it further negative publicity. My grandfather owns several homes in their, which are lived in by family and tenants, and even he doesn't know who to contact. Its very frustrating.

Unknown said...

I see this is an older posting, but I'm hoping you all got some answers. I just picked up a property in wood creek. I'm looking for someone to contact regarding the same issues above, and a key to my mailbox!

Best of luck!