Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wicomico County Tax Property Sale

Listed in the local paper is the Wicomico County Tax property sale list. After looking it over you have to wonder how can some of those tax amounts accumulate without the property being sold, particularly when the property is assessed at a tenth of the taxes? Some examples I noticed were;

05-002443 Frank Marshall, Jr property assessed at $6,750 taxes owed $49,735.29
03-010708 IOOF Hall property assessed at $1,500 taxes owed $10,172.75
09-060596 Constance Green property assessed at $9,250 taxes owed $32,393.80

I also see Wood Creek Golf Course is on the list at 11-001769 property assessed at $740,500 taxes owed $7,341.85.

In general most of Delmar Maryland is in District 11 so if you look at property in which the District/account number begins with 11 that property may well be in Delmar.

Compared To Sussex County Delaware, Tax properties can easily be looked up in Maryland. To look at any properties on the tax sale list or just any properties at all go to (A Digital Image Retrieval System for Land Records in Maryland). You will need a password but it is an easy process that seems to be computer generated so the password is given out in just a few minutes.

At MDLandRec “Click here to fill out the application for a password”
Once you have the password
Go to
Sign in
Under "Additional Electronic Resources"
Select "SDAT Real Property Search"
Select county : "Wicomico"
Select "Property Account Identifier"
We will use District - 11 Account Number - 001769
Enter 11 in District and 001769 in Account Identifier for the Wood Creek Golf Course.

Data for the Wood Creek Golf Course property will come up. The size of the property is given, any improvements, in the upper right corner is "view map" so you can look at the property on a tax map (the red square dot is the property under investigation in your search), the owners name (Wood Creek LLC) and address is also given.

As additional information if you want to know something about the corporation that owns the property you can go to
Search the Maryland corporation registry at the Maryland Secretary of State
Select ( 1) Search the Maryland corporation registry
Than click on "Maryland secretary of State"
Enter "Wood Creek" (all the various corporations using the name Wood Creek will come up. Select "Wood Creek LLC", "general information" and it will tell you the Resident agent is;

Going back to MDLandRec, each new search you start will automatically put "Allegany" County in your search field so you have to click on Wicomico County each time.

MDLandRec can be used just to check on ownership of property by entering the street name (don’t give address - just a street, like PINE, without the word "street" after it. All the property in Wicomico County with the street name PINE will come up. Since Delmar is usually in District 11 you can just look at those properties.

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03-010708 IOOF Hall property assessed at $1,500 taxes owed $10,172.75

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