Thursday, June 02, 2011

8th Grade at Delmar Middle School Moves On

I stopped by to see the 8th grade graduate to High School this morning. Quite a turn out for the event and they (the audience) were well behaved. I wish the High school graduation was the same way. Only a few (as in under four) did a little cheer and dance for their child - definitely that group was in the minority. And as warned by the Middle school principal - no cell phones went off.

some of the honor students - you can see how filled the place was. The first half of the program was filled with honor awards. Not many usable photos came out of it as I was far in the back of the room.

Ag honor students above and finally the graduation paper.


Anonymous said...

I'd swear you were sitting next to me, you had an american flag shirt on, I was all the way in the back too!

Howard said...

You may well be right

Anonymous said...

it was good to see you, I just wish I had introduced myself.