Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Abandoned Building Ordinance For Delmar

I took a glance at the "Abandoned Building Ordinance For Delmar" today. The Ordinance has had a first reading so I assume both sides of town will approve it at the next joint council meeting.

It really only requires the owner of abandoned building to register them the town and pay a fee to register them.

The building is considered vacant if no one actually conducts a business or resides in any part of the building and it has been that way for 90 days.

The building has to be secured

and a certificate of occupancy has to be issued by the town for the building to be used again.

So all and all this doesn't get rid of abandoned buildings like the LeCates Building it just ensures the town receives a tax (fee) and the building is secure, otherwise the eye blight continues.

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T.J. said...

Two questions to get a cert of occupancy must it meet code?

Will banks and foreclosed homes also come under this standard.