Thursday, June 02, 2011

The ACLU and the School System

Down in Snellville, Ga., approximately 18 miles east of Atlanta and "where everybody is proud to be somebody," the Gwinnett County schools district is being hit by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for blocking student website access to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. Supposedly they received complaints and they sent a letter to the school system saying; "Keep blocking these sites to students, and legal action could be next."

The ACLU's has a "Don't Filter Me Campaign," in which they feel prohibiting students from viewing lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender persons websites or reflecting the viewpoints of LGBT people is "viewpoint-based censorship." Interestingly the ACLU said they received 70 complaints from across the country which to me says it is more an adult special interest group thing than a student's thing.

Naturally I feel students are not adults and they should not be allowed to view whatever they want to. It is one more example of the minority controlling the direction of what the majority wants to do. Everywhere I look people seem to be bringing lawsuits now days. Instead of our money going for education it is being tied up in lawyers and settlements. In Delaware the Catholics are well aware of this trend and the Eastern Sussex County school system with their Muslim problems are well aware of it.


Carol said...

If a family feels this is an appropriate subject for their students to view they have the right to provided the access. If the district does not want it viewed at school on a school supplied computer and internet service that is their right. Ultimately if tax money is used to provide this service than taxpayers should have a say.

Anonymous said...

How times have changed. Snellville is not far from Lawrenceville Ga., where Larry Flint was shot. Flint was on trial for obscenity charges related to his publication of Hustler magazine.