Friday, June 03, 2011

Another Graduation Wraps Up

Delmar High School had their graduation tonight and once again another group turned their tassels and some of them are about to venture out into the real world and others will stay in the academic world another four or eight years.

I arrived late and had my usual camera problems tonight but as Michael Vick would say "I don't have a dog in this fight" so I was just there for amusement. Other than a few people that acted retarded the event went off okay.

The school has long been a part of the lives of the students for a long time. This is where they prepared for their life's work. This is where they made life-long friends and now they have that big question mark to face.

Congratulation 2011 graduates I wish you the best.

In spite of a number of people walking in the street back to their cars or homes I noticed there was at least one fool in a white pickup with loud mufflers that had to zoom down the street at 50 miles an hours. All it takes is one asshole to screw up an evening.


cruggly said...

MY last daughter walked tonight. The audio system sucked, the speaker behind us had a bad ground. I couldnt believe that one kid said (we got bin-laden) But the Mr Slavens dude has truely found his Mirror of Life. The talk about how sexy the (gym) teacher was threw me a bit. I feel pride right now and pride is a great feeling.

cruggly said...

I love this little town. WE are so lucky that we live and and kids go to school here. Were close to everything but yet so far away. Good Luck to the class of 2011, make the world a better place.

cruggly said...

There are some sexy woman in Delmar. Shielas...