Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Banks Pants Company - 1950's

A recent donation, from Gary White, to the Delmar Historical and Arts Society is this photo of the Banks Pants Factory in Delmar sometime in the 1950's. Click photo to enlarge

Any idea where this was located in Delmar?
At State Street and the railroad tracks, Mason Dixon auction is there now.
Assuming these are the employees of the factory, it makes me wonder when was the last time any of today's companies were proud enough of their staff to gather them and take a picture.... My mom worked for the B & O Railroad in Baltimore (a long time ago), and I've seen lots of group pics that were taken of their workers. I guess this just speaks to the changing times...
This looks like the factory in Hebron, looks like my mom is in the front row. Just judging from the asbestos shingles, where as I think Delmar has wooden slats. My mom worked in both places.
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