Saturday, June 04, 2011

Day In The Park - 2011

The weather was great today for the 34th annual Delmar Day-In-the-park. A good turnout and food vendors sold out.

Now you know if Gary Horseman approved of the oyster sandwiches they must be good.

and the Delmar PD approved of the oyster sandwiches.

Many organizations were selling things as fund raisers. The Delmar Fire Dept auxiliary has these cookbooks for $15.00.


Must have been armtwisting going on there I see Tidewater Utilities gave money and they haven't even built anything in town yet.


Slightly Jaded said...

Good day, good food, good turnout, well-behaved crowd, great clean-up... GOOD JOB!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is that old man with that oyster sandwich 'stuffed' in his mouth?

Anonymous said...

I see Delmarva Power gave but I though I just heard on the news about a rate increase so I guess everyone that uses electric should have their name on the banner.

Anonymous said...

Great looking cookbook. It's a shame someone didn't have time to proof read it. What is a small can of pet milk? The cracker cookies on page 235, what do you do with the "1 cup granulated sugar"? It is never mentioned in the directions.

Anonymous said...

OMG People,

Can you do anything but complain when something good happens in Delmar?
To the Anon commenter about the Delmarva Power sponsorship, if Delmarva Power didn't give back to the community, you'd complain about that too!
To the Anon commenter about the cookbook, everyone is human, not one of us is perfect. You obviously have NO clue how difficult it can be to put something like that cookbook together!
Both of you need to get a life!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they don't know what a small can of pet milk is. And if you have no idea what to do with granulated sugar, you have more problems than not knowing how to cook.

Anonymous said...

Delmar Day in the Park couldn't have been any better! LOVED IT!

Anonymous said...

pet milk is evaporated milk

Anonymous said...

I see Diane wasn't Chairperson this year. Guess she fooled you Howard and really did step down.
It was a great day. Mr. Morgan did a great job! I did see Diane in the park with a staff shirt on, so I'm sure she still played a big part in the planning of it all.