Thursday, June 09, 2011

Delmar PD in 25th annual Torch Run - 2011

Early this morning Delmar Police Department gathered at RT13 and Rt54 to begin a relay race north. The temperature was under 80 but it promises to be another hot hazy day for those runners not lucky enough to be at the start the race.

This year's event is the 25th annual Torch Run. In the 25-year history of Delaware Law Enforcement for Special Olympics, over $3 million has been raised

This is the group that will be in the relays. Delmar Police Chief Saylor is holding the Flame of Hope Torch.

and at 6 A.M. they are off.


Anonymous said...

I like seeing Delmar PD participate in this annually.
I do have an observation to comment on though. Is it me or are all the Delmar PD officers really putting on the pounds? Don't they have fitness requirements in Delmar?

Bill D. said...

I did'nt see ED.F. any where.

Anonymous said...

If Chief carried the torch to Laurel, he looked like he was in trouble by Janosiks. Ed could't run to the Delmar welcome sign.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone would have been in some trouble by the time they got to Janosiks. That's 7 miles!

Dan E said...

Great job giving up your free time to support a such a worthy cause. I know some of you worked the night shift and stayed up for the event without sleep. Too bad the other jerks in the post, just can't seem to find the good in anything.

Anonymous said...

Great job Delmar P. D. !!!!!