Friday, June 10, 2011

Doesn't Come As A surprise

The four-generation, 92-year-old Allen Family Foods Inc. announced Chapter 11 bankruptcy Thursday, saying it plans to sell nearly all its assets to a new affiliate of Mountaire Farms of Delaware Inc. -- then close its three-state operations.

Allen plans to keep only corporate-owned grow-out farms and related land, with a small but yet-to-be-set number of employees.

About 2,400 people work for the Seaford-based poultry producer at facilities in Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina, processing about 1.6 million birds weekly, with gross annual revenues of about $380 million.
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and in the comments on that News Journal article is this one which I think is good - particularly in reference to the "jobs" created by Gov. Markell. (Gosh maybe we need a casino for jobs)

Commenter; WhatTheySaid
10:52 AM on June 10, 2011

One of the reasons for the higher feed prices is simply the regional (almost national now) requirement for at least 10% ethanol in our gasoline fuel. This means that corn for stock feeds and even for we people has become more expensive. Why in the world did anyone in the Government allow corn to be used to create ethanol to begin with?

Ethanol actually makes the mileage (MPG's) for vehicles go DOWN, instead of just using regular unadulterated gas mixed with Ethanol. What should be grown and used to create ethanol is Switch Grass, it contains more BTU's of energy than ethanol derived from corn and is pretty darned easy to grow, without need for pesticides, etc.

OK, now about the job losses vs. job gains in DE. So far we've lost GM, Chrysler, Allen Foods, and many jobs at MBNA (BOA), DuPont, Azstra Zeneca, Wilmington Trust, etc.

And we've "gained" expectations of jobs (that haven't yet materialized!!!) at Fiskars, Bloom Box (Fuel Cell Co) and all those other "high tech" jobs that were supposed to appear at the former Chrysler Facilities with UD's new incubator business plan!

Gov. Markell had better get cracking, as DE has lost THOUSANDS of jobs and only recovered many a few hundred, if any, in the past several years. DE needs manufacturing and good quality high-tech jobs, not more lower paying, part-time retail jobs without any benefits.

Election time is fast approaching, I sure HOPE that those that think those in office are doing a good job, decide to CHANGE and vote for other people this time around


cruggly said...

Thats a damn shame. The middle and lower middle class is being exterminated. Perdue will move next. This shit will take spilled blood to stop.

Anonymous said...

Wilmington Trust didn't close, they were bought out.