Sunday, June 19, 2011

Guns In Schools

History restored at Platt Tech High
NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) - A little piece of history has been restored in Milford.

Students at the city's Platt Technical High School refurbished a Civil War Era cannon, and fired it off today.

She's a beauty, now all shiny in black on a red carrier, but when Platt Tech first got this relic it was in bad shape. The Historical Society of Milford located the cannon in Florida, it had once guarded Fort Trumbull and the society wanted it to come home.

But who to refurbish it? Someone got the bright idea to call up the principal at Platt, who initially was scratching his head over why they thought of the school.

"They called and asked whether we would be interested in fully restoring, refinishing the cannon. My initial response was we work on cars not cannons, however when they brought the cannon in for us to look at the job, it was just too sweet to pass up," says Gene Laporta, Platt Tech Principal.

The cannon now has a new home in front of the Milford Chamber of Commerce. It will be in place by Jul.4.

Platt Tech auto body students who were out surveying all their hard work say they are pretty darn proud.

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Anonymous said...

I am truly surprised they are allowed to keep a working firearm and especially surprised they fired it without being arrested. This is definitely not politically correct!