Friday, June 10, 2011

I've Got Nothing To Do - 4 letter words

Summer time and school is out and how many times are you going to listen to the kids whine "I am bored, I've got nothing to do"? At 97 degrees and sunny even I would not shove them outside and say "find something to do." and at 97 degrees and sunny it takes alot to keep my temper in tact. I did however come across this article from the Belmont Shores Naples, Calif newspaper that did give some suggestions.

Four-letter words are not forbidden at my house, when they are the right ones. Try these four-letter words around your house.

1. “Go READ a book!” Keep the word READ handy to use whenever the kids need a time out or when they say “I’m bored!”

2. “Come COOK!” Summer is a good time to learn this survival skill. This is especially urgent if your son/daughter just graduated from high school. They need to start fending for themselves. Say “COOK it yourself” whenever they ask, “What’s there to eat around here?”

3. “Go MAKE something!” Kids nowadays have forgotten how to be creative. Bring out a box of Legos, popsicle sticks, sheets to build a tent, origami paper, and let them go at it. You might have a Thomas Edison in your house.

4. “Let’s SING!” This one works for us when we want to have some silly fun. It’s great if you happen to have a karaoke machine or Rock Band, but if not, just turn on your favorite song on your computer, iPod, or whatever device you have, and belt it out. It’s good for a few laughs and to get some energy out of the kids.

5. “Go for a RIDE!” With the nice weather and longer days, take the kids out for a bike RIDE to the park after dinner rather than sitting around the TV. If you don’t bike, well, just RIDE in the car to the park; that works too. Afterward, RIDE to the market to pick up a gallon of ice cream. No one ever complains about that.

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