Friday, June 17, 2011

The June 2011 Delmar P&Z Commission Meeting

The Delmar Planning and Zoning commission had their monthly meeting last night. Ed Ferro and Joe Dixon were missing.

One event has been occurring in both the P&Z meetings and the Joint Council Meeting and that is the members of the commission tend to gather in the back rooms of town hall before the meeting. It gives a perception to the public that items on the agenda are being discussed before the meeting. To add to this Danny Maszera exit from the back room when commission members were still back there. Now it may have just been the man had to use the rest rooms in the back since he drove down from New Jersey but still you don't know and it leaves things open to imagination.

The public’s business should be available to the public whenever it is possible and the citizenry (regardless how few show up for a meeting) must be permitted to hear and see what public officers and their employees say and do. It is always beneficial to remember that the appearance of a violation is often as damaging as an actual violation.

That said on with a brief summary of last night's meeting.

Lucy Louie of Rainbow Spa requested approval to operate her massage parlour at 609 Bi-State Blvd and for sign approval and the commission gave approval for it.

David E. Davis (t/a Davis Construction, 1218 Johnson Rd., Salisbury, MD) requested approval to built a home in Breckenridge. The Commission approved it and will give a favorable recommendation to the Joint Council on Monday.

Approval was given for a sign for Verizon Wireless, which will be in the Shopping center with Dollar General in it. It should open in July.

Richard Haxton was given sign approval for Furniture and More.

Delmar Dinner was given approval for their sign at their restaurant.

Timothy Ramia requested a zoning change for 5 S. Maryland Avenue. That property is the old B & D Machine & Repair Shop (5 S Maryland Ave Delmar, MD). Mr. Ramia said with the current economic conditions the bank would not loan him money to build a house on the property and he would like to rent the buildings out to a low activity business such as a storage unit in order to generate some cash flow. The commission explained that back in 1975 the property was zoned R1 residential and there was nothing they could suggest. Mr. Ramia said he had built a number of houses in Delmar which increased the tax base. The commission said the only thing he could use the property for was R1 uses.

Danny Maszera (of Maszera Corporation, Toms River N. J.) request another 18 month extension on his development for Pheasant Lake (Maryland side of town). It was granted. A general discussion went on about the feasibility of him putting in the development at the priced homes he had originally proposal. He said he felt at present homes in the $170K and below range was what people were looking for.

The abandoned Building Ordinance (MD) will have it first reading at the joint council.

The meeting was over at 8:15 p.m.


Anonymous said...

On the issue of the rezoning request. This building was run as a commercial entity in the past, wasn't it? If so, does that mean the previous owner was in violation and nothing was every done about it? What's the big deal of taking a "commercial" property and allowing it to once again be a "commercial" property?
I guess I'm missing something there.
As far as this guy using his "bully" techniques on the panel, that was probably a big mistake and might be why he was denied.
As far as the ruling in general, in the past, there have been "good ole boys" come forth and get whatever they wanted from the town because of "who" they were and supposedly what they had done for the town. The Council and P&Z would bow down to them.
I'm glad to see that theres a slim chance that this is not going to happen like that anymore.
Stuff like that has been to the demise of the town in the end and hopefully some people have learned from those mistakes now.
Everyone needs to just stand up on their own merits and leave the "because I did this" attitudes at home, or at the office. That part doesn't and shouldn't matter!

Anonymous said...

STAMP STAMP STAMP (Delmar council rubberstamps everything) then along comes a working man asking for a waiver DENIED.

Anonymous said...

This wasn't the Delaware council.

I would gather from the first comment that indeed there isn't anything wrong with allowing this property that is zoned as residential to continue to be an illegal commercial enterprise- AS LONG AS IT ISN'T IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD!

Anonymous said...

There is a commercial business in there now, so is the owner in violation? He's got a car repair business operating out of there. The original owner of the building and business lived on State Street. The business was adjacent to his house. The owner died, his children did not want either the house or the business, so they were sold. Albeit rentals, for the most part, Maryland Avenue needs to remain residential. We already have numerous big box trucks illegally using the street. We'd like the same level of quiet as any other residential neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Like I said in my original post. "This building was run as a commercial entity in the past, wasn't it? If so, does that mean the previous owner was in violation and nothing was ever done about it?"
I know this wasn't the Council. However, P&Z answers to the Joint Council.
All I'm saying is this is one of those situations that could go either way.
If you're going to deny this guy, then who's going to go after the previous (or current) person operating a commercial facility in a residentially zoned area?
That's the sort of stuff that really get me worked up about the political moves in Delmar. It's either one way or another. It can't be BOTH!
I think it might be another case of Mr. Gaylon Bounds not doing his job AGAIN!