Sunday, June 19, 2011


The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property, between former masters and slaves and the connection heretofore existing between them, becomes that between employer and hired labor. The Freedmen are advised to remain at their present homes and work for wages. They are informed that they will not be allowed to collect at military posts; and they will not be supported in idleness either there or elsewhere.

On June 19, 1865 Union General Gordon Granger stood upon the balcony of the Ashton Villa Galveston,Texas and read the contents of “General Order No. 3,” which put into effect the Emancipation Proclamation and abolished slavery in the state of. To this day June 19th is celebrated officially by 39 states.

In Maryland and Delaware various celebrations are planned for this weekend to observe it.

Some towns and local governments have selected this holiday to issue "I am Sorry For Slavery" proclamation. Howard of course doesn't see any reason to apology for events in which none of the current population was alive and had no participation in the matter. It history people get over it. It is much like the President Obama wanting the Turks apologizing for the killing ("genocide") of more than one million Armenians in World War I. The players are dead. What is the point? Doesn't he think he has more serious problems to solve? Alameda County Board of Supervisors (California - the state that is near bankrupt) adopted a resolution apologizing for slavery of African Americans and calling for reparations and reconciliation. It looked like this;

Apologizing for Slavery of African Americans and Calling for Reparations and Reconciliation

WHEREAS, on June 7, 2011 the Alameda County Board of Supervisors apologizes for the enslavement and racial segregation of African Americans:and

WHEREAS, we recognize Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, honoring African American heritage by commemorating the announcement of abolition of slavery; and

WHEREAS, African Americans were enslaved in this country for centuries, subject to cruelty, brutality, the indignity of being stripped of their names and heritage and torn apart after family members were sold separately: and

WHEREAS, acknowledging not only me shameful history of slavery but the racial segregation of the "separate but equal" Jim Crow era and the lingering aftereffect of slavery including the enormous damage and loss, both tangible and Intangible and the loss of dignity and liberty; and

WHEREAS, these atrocities resembled no other form of involuntary servitude. as Africans were captured and sold at auctions as chattel, like inanimate property or animals; and

WHEREAS, the deep seated problems caused by the continuing legacy of racism against African Americans that began with slavery and perpetuating disparities and injustices that plague Our Nation as a result the dehumanization of an entire race; and

WHEREAS, acknowledging systemic discrimination. social and economic inequality and laws permitting such injustice to induce a growing African American underclass, undereducated, unemployed and marginalized population, as black males make up a majority of the prison population and HIV/AIDS disproportionately impacts black women; and

WHEREAS, identifying these grave injustices in order to promote healing and reconciliation and calling for economic reparations through programs including health, education, employment and housing to benefit African Americans; and

WHEREAS, the legacy of African Americans is interwoven with the very fabric of democracy and freedom of the United States and propagation of the ideals of liberty, justice and democracy:

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that this Alameda County Board of Supervisors. State of California, has taken the lead in expressing appropriate remorse for slavery and encourages the State legislature to consider a similar resolution and is recommitting to bringing about an end to racial prejudices, disparities and injustices from our society; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Alameda County Board of Supervisors strongly encourages the United States government through the office of President Barack Obama to issue a formal apology to African Americans.

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