Sunday, June 26, 2011

Line United Methodist Church Family Grave Plot Boundary Markings

Last week I was out to Line United Methodist Church out by Whitesville Delaware. I have written before about line Church. it has a number of unique things about it and the related cemetery, besides being old. For one Rt54/RT419 that normally straddles the states line dips into Maryland in order to avoid cutting thru the cemetery.

It also has a geodetic survey marker in the yard.

and Mile marker 20 for the Transpeninsular Line sits in the church yard.

But the main reason I find Line United Methodist Church cemetery interesting is the wide range of Family Grave Plot Boundary Markings and lack of trees in the cemetery. In older graveyards family plots delineate the boundary of the plot with a wall or fence. Whereas if they exist at all, in todays cemeteries they are usually an iron fence or pipe outlining the boundary. Even that has mostly been removed in the interest of low cost maintenance by the cemetery caretakers.

At Line Church graveyard there is a wide range of walls, iron fences, ground covered in stone or concrete or left bare, some with a degree of home crafting.

For an older graveyard I think there is a high amount of flowers and decoration put on the graves.

As you recall I did a post a short while back on graves that lack grass covering and Line Church has perhaps the most examples of this in our local graveyards.

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