Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Paper Jobs or Real Jobs?

In Today's paper was an article about Hawker Beechcraft Service planning to open a regional aircraft maintenance facility at New Castle Airport. The state will give them $750,000. In turn there is a vague promise of 100 people having jobs over five year($7,500 per job.

Bloom Energy is suppose to build a fuel cell factory in Newark. The state gives them $16,000,000. They promise 900 jobs at some future time)($17,777 per job).

Fisker Automotive is promising 120 jobs by the end of the year and 2,000 more some time even farther out in time if ever. The state will do for them a $9,000,000 grant and a $12,500,000 convertible loan. they promise 1,495 direct full-time employees and an additional 1,000 indirect employees or about a purchase price for the State (That us folks) of $8,617 per employee. There is a claw back provision of $5,000 per employee if it falls short of its employment commitment. The claw back sounds better for them as they can still make a profit of $3,617 per job, without going thru the mess of hiring anyone.

All well and good but we need jobs now - jobs in the future are good - but you can starve to death waiting for them to appear - if they ever appear. As usual most of the money is going to Northern Delaware.

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