Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pizza Direct Mail Advertising

There is either a pizza war going on in Delmar since Tony Caruso's opened up or a very energetic direct mail salesman went thru town.

I don't think I have ever gotten any direct mail ads from Delmar Pizza since I have lived here and now I have received something - with coupons.

Well whatever was the reason it is bound to work out for the consumer


swampcritter2 said...

I tried Tony Caruso Pizza. Unorthodox toppings, Chicken Cacciatore for instance. Wasn't bad at all, the crust was perfect, which is where many pizza places screw it up.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Tony's, nice to have some decent food in town. (Milano's is "ok", nothing special, but delivery times have gotten insane 90 minutes last time and food was ice cold and TINY)

Delmar Pizza has just gotten plain inedible! The ingredigents got cheaper and cheaper quality. Make the food GOOD, then charge whatever it costs marked up 300%. The pastas at Delmar Pizza have never been good, reheated SALTY Sysco garbage! The pizza got flavorless and always overdone.

The chickensteak subs overly salty and undercooked with no flavor/spice. Salads watery and no other veggies just iceberg and a green tomato wedge. They used to have the best fries would buy the A1 ones that were really long crinkle cuts, and they used mostly regular salt with just a hint of seasoned salt almost like a secret ingredient, now they don't use any regular salt, just overdouse it with nasty seasoned salt.

Worst of all Delmar Pizza's current menu is at least 15 years old, nothing new, never any specials, just a random menu item at regular menu price. I like Pizza Palace in Georgetown for that, they have a dozen different homecooked specials every night.

Anonymous said...

Delmar Pizza has specials every day on their chalkboard. 6:01 You're entitled to your criticism of their food, some of which I agree with, but not your own set of facts.

Anonymous said...

The "specials" on the chalkboard are 4 random menu items at regular menu price! Back in the day, Delmar Pizza used to have real specials like meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes, chicken fajitas, hot turkey sub* and chicken taco salad*. While it's not louisiana chicken over rice, or new york strip with baked potato like Pizza Palace does, it was still nice to be able to pick something different.

They have since put the taco salad on the menu, but it's an abomination compared to what it used to be, now the taco bowl shell is made hours in advance and has a stale oil taste, the chicken is no longer real, just some nuked sysco frozen thing thrown on grill for half a second, with watery lettuce, no homemade salsa, no jalepeno's etc. The hot turkey is an official menu item now, but they use cheap slimey turkey, not the quality turkey of yesteryear. The turkey club alone was something you could eat everytime in there.

Good thing the owners are Greek, cause an Italian would laugh at the cheap meats, definately not italian deli quality. The "italian" sub is not even close to authentic. And they switched to the Roma sub rolls which are yellow cake mix, not BREAD. Sub rolls should be light and airy inside with a good chew on the outside. If not, at least breadlike. And please stop buying the cheapest frozen sheets you can find for the steak/chickensteak subs! Chickesteak should be real chicken, the frozen sheets ok for steak subs, but find some with flavor and add some SPICE. Subrunners does ok with frozen, but they put flavor in it and fuly BROWN the meat.

Everything about them is how fast can we pump out the food, how cheap can we get the food, the unwashed masses don't know what good food is and we're the only game in town. They will tell you this is why they put in the conveyor oven originally (yes greek pizza is breadlike and in a pan) but they had the choice to put in a brick oven and said, no it's too labor intensive and too slow, we want to crank them pizzas out. Well they've rested on their reputation so long, now there's a little competition in town, and that's awesome!

Please don't get me wrong, the ownwers are awesome. But when it went from Greeks cooking Italian food (at least both mediterean) to Mexicans cooking Italian is when the biggest decline in quality happened. (which is sad cause Tony's is all Mexicans and they make an awesome piccata) I say if you're going to have the Mexicans cooking, why not throw a couple mexican dishes in there to liven up the menu a little?

Anonymous said...

We'll see just how much Caruso's supports and gives back to the community.
Delmar Pizza gives A LOT back to the community every year. that makes a huge difference for some people when choosing a business to buy from.
I don't eat italian food or pizza so neither one of these places have ever been on my best of list as far as restaurants go.
As far as the fries, the previous commenter is right. Delmar Pizza used to have the best fries. Now, I can't bear to eat them because I don't want all that fancy seasoning on my fries! If I order them with no seasoning stuff, just salt, they come with nothing. Not good anymore, sorry!

Dick Dykes said...

It's not just down there.
Same thing goin on in Dover.
I don't know how all the pizza places in this town survive!
Seems like every where you look you'll see a pizza shop.
Well all I can say is Good Luck to all of them! Dick

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