Monday, June 06, 2011

PRESS RELEASE Delmar Police Department


Incident: Assault 1st

Location: 200 block of E. East St., Delmar, MD

Date: 06/06/2011

Arrested: 16 Y.O.A, Juvenile

On 06/06/2001 at approx. 1030 hours, officers of the Delmar Police Department responded to the 200 block of E. East St., Delmar, MD in ref. to two individuals who had been shot with a possible BB gun. Upon arrival officers met with two juvenile victims who had injuries consistent with that of a being shot with a BB gun. Delmar EMS responded and victims were transported to P.R.M.C for additional care. Subsequent investigation led to the arrest of a Juvenile and the recovery of a BB Gun.

Assault 1st
Reckless Endangerment


Anonymous said...

complete bullshit..they had it coming

Anonymous said...

Anon, 6:44
Really? You're in favor of someone shooting at another person, even with a bb gun?
It doesn't matter who had what coming! That's NOT the way to settle things!

Anonymous said...

What's the way to settle things

Anonymous said...

9:13 - Really?
You're an idiot and probably connected with people like this. You probably weren't raised to know any better and better yet, you're probably raising your kids to be like this too!
But just so you can't say I didn't tell you the proper way to settle things, I will. You call the police! IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

I was actually just asking a question, idiot. Apparently you need to go find a life instead of calling people out like myself and putting words in my mouth instead of simply answering my question. Don't misunderstand me now, I see you answered my question, just not simply. Instead you had to automatically assume I was not raised the right way all because I asked a question? Makes a lot of sense.