Tuesday, June 07, 2011



Incident: Possible Rabid Fox

Location: 1400 Magnolia Dr. Delmar DE 19940

Date: 06/06/2011

On 06/06/2011 at approx. 2044 hrs Delmar Police were dispatched to 1400 Magnolia Dr. Delmar De 19940 in reference to an animal bite. Officers located two subjects who were attacked by a Fox. A child was sitting in a chair in front of 1400 Magnolia Drive when a fox approached. The fox jumped on the child and began to scratch and bite the child. The child’s Grandfather and others knocked the Fox off the child. One adult was bite on his boot while getting the fox off the child. The Fox ran off into the tree line north of Delmar Crossing apartments. The child was transported to P.R.M.C. for treatment.


Anonymous said...

all parties that came in contact with the fox should consult with a doctor. my wife had to beat a raccoon off of our dogs a couple of years ago. simply because she had a blister on her hand, the dr. wanted her to be treated. once the symptoms of rabies show up, you're a goner.

Anonymous said...

My son was attacked by a cat approx 2 years ago. I called SPCA who came out and took the cat because we had managed to trap it. I called my sons dr in Seaford and the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital ER and was told by both that no precautions were necessary. I then get a called from the health dept a few days later telling me I need to take my son to the nearest ER because the cat was positive for rabies. The hospital was no help in providing any comfort to a scary situation. They were online trying to determine what to do and really could not give me any straight answers. Eventually he had his treatment and received his series of shots. Thank god everything turned out okay. To this day it bothers me greatly to think about the "what if" had we not captured the cat and had the SPCA determine it was in fact rabid. My son is only 6 now and the lack of knowledge that was available by health professionals in the area just a couple of years ago completely blew my mind. I truely hope that they have came a long way since then.