Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Twilley, Wicomico County Maryland

I rode out to Twilley today to look at some cemeteries. Twilley is located in the Northeast corner of Wicomico County, North of Pittsville and south of Gumboro. As the above 1900 topographical map shows it is at about 40' above sea level ( Twilley is next to the Wicomico Co Title on the map)and as you follow Line Road out you descent from the Parsonburg dune Line (85') and drop down to the start of the Pocomoke River. When East Line road ends and you make that right dog leg from Bethel church you are pretty much in Twilley. It is a difficult area to know if you are in Delaware or Maryland.

Twilley is one the sand ridge communities that are typical of Eastern Wicomico county and Worcester county. They are built on the remnants of late Pleistocene dunes. I am not sure there is a central place called Twilley now. At one time it had a Post Office and was typical of the small villages of the late 1800's in which life centered around a county store.

Bethel Cemetery

Bethel Church

Cemetery across from church

The store

In 1900 the United States Geological Survey planted in Twilley a Base Marker for elevation above sea level. On the road from Melson East Via Twilley to Campbell
Twilley, in yard at northwest corner of C. W. Lynch's store; iron post
stamped "40BALTO".............. 39.978 feet

The numbers Stamped On the bench marks represent the elevations to the nearest foot above mean sea level.

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