Friday, July 29, 2011

Art In The Park

Last night at Art In The Park the Allen Memorial Praise Band from Allen Memorial Baptist Church on Snow Hill Road played. Their music is Christian Rock which really isn't my thing but any live music is enjoyable and they were good. Interestingly the lead female singer (actually the only female in the group) said she use to sing at Red Dog's (The predecessor of Sports Nuts bar) in Delmar. It must have been a long journey from Red Dogs to christian rock music. This was the last show of the season for Art In The park.

I should point out that all the bands donated their time for free in order to make this event in Delmar happen. Chris Walter supplied his flatbed truck and spent time modifying it for the bands to set up and play from. Faith Krebs spent a lot of time organizing this event. The Delmar Historical and Arts society paid for the use of the park, electric hookup, and legal notices required by the town.

It actually cooled off and there was a slight breeze making up for the heat of the afternoon.

Several vendors were there.

One Vendor that I found interesting was Signs of Comfort. Marcia Ryan from out on Susan Beach Road, does something a little bit different in that she takes a photograph of a pet or event or person and does a little tribute and combines them into a very nice framed photograph. Very personalized. Very cheap ( framed 10x12 photo area - 5x7 photo- is $29.95 and a 12x15 area with a 8X10 is $39.95). The samples I saw were for pets that passed away, graduations, pets still alive, people still alive, anniversaries, individuals that passed away, etc. Take a look at her website but if you get to see her actual work at a fair or wherever she may set up shop I think you will be impressed.

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