Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Casey Anthony - Is it Finally Over?

It seems to be impossible not to have heard of Casey Anthony. There are Casey Anthony addicts who have followed the news of her for the last three years, my mother being one of them. After three long years the 'so called' trial of the century is over. Casey Anthony has become the Lizzy Borden and OJ Simpson of the new millennia and everyone has an opinion over how well justice was served. I think everyone agrees she will not be getting the Mother of The Year award. Lie after Lie we have heard from her, From a fictional nanny, spending thirty-one days looking for her daughter, apparently at night clubs, until reporting her missing, drowned in the swimming pool, molested by her father and later, by her brother, this story has all the great benchmarks for the news tabloids but the trial is over finally and I guess we will never know how Caylee Anthony died.

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