Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Martha Hearn(e) Question

I frequently get asked to help people with their family tree research. One case that came up this week was from the Keith family who are looking for the lineage of a Martha Hearn(e). From what I was able to determine Martha was born 5/28/1918 to Charlie C. Hearn(e) and Edna L. McGee Hearn(e). Charlie (born 1888) died in 1919 (buried in Oddfellows in Laurel) and we assume he died from the Spanish influenza. His wife Edna remarried to Roy L. Massey in 1923. Her father was John mcGee. Roy and Edna had two sons (Raymond and an unknown name) and a daughter (Stella). However Martha is not shown with them in the 1930 census. She is in a center for youths upstate and she is 11 years old. So now the mystery is why was she put in a social service center? Certainly in the depression it was not unheard of for children to be given up for economic reasons. I have enough family trees with children listed as "taken To raise" and "Homeboy" and other descriptions for children that were given away. So any of you Hearn or Massey people out there have any suggestions?

From what I can determine Charlie Hearne's father was Alexander S. Hearne (1860 to 1933) a sawyer from the Delmar area who is buried at Smith Mill. His wife was Martha C. Ward Hearne (1857 to 1930) they had as children Charlie (1888), Benjamin F. (1894) and Thomas M. (1898). Alex Hearne's death certificate shows Jonathan Hearn as his father. Can anyone supply anymore?

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