Thursday, July 21, 2011


A recent letter to the editor in the Wilmington News Journal by Judy Whitaker of New Castle echos my thought on recycling.

A recent News Journal article spoke to the issue of the state losing money on its landfill fees since yard waste is no longer accepted.

So, now, I receive my quarterly bill for trash collection and it increased $35.16 from last quarter, or a total of 31 percent. Why?

I am told it is the mandatory recycling program in Delaware and even if I choose not to participate the additional "collection" fees will be included in my household billing. I have been taking my recyclables to the free centers for some time, but I guess that did not generate any revenue and the one at Christiana was closed.
Why? How much more money does this state think seniors like myself on a fixed income can squeeze from their monthly budget?

My trash service previously provided a discount to me as a senior citizen -- guess that went away, too. So, now seniors like myself who do not even qualify for an increase in Social Security benefits, can juggle medication, food, gas, mortgage and trash collection when deciding what is going to have to remain unpaid.

Thanks, Delaware legislators, for being as attuned to the constituents as you are to the "surplus" funding you immediately used for infrastructure and wage increases. It is nice to know our legislators have the voters in mind when deciding how we should spend our money.

Judy Whitaker, New Castle

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Slightly Jaded said...

Delaware is the only state I have lived in that charges the residents for a curbside recycling program. Recycling should pay for itself in the money collected by the sale of the recycled materials.

Really glad that Delmar found a way to keep this a free service for the residents. I'd be really cranky if I had to pay...