Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Stone House

The Stone House was built about 1904 by Theodore A. Veasey. He build the Stone House because he had the Veasey House across the street in Maryland and in 1903 Wicomico County decided to go dry putting a stop to his lucrative bar business in the Veasey House. In 1908 Sussex County went dry putting Mr. Veasey once again out of the bar business, but T. A. Veasey was not to be stopped and he changed the stone house into the Stone Garage and sold Overland automobiles. Veasey was into a little bit of everything. He owned hotels, distilleries, engaged in timber and fire insurance and was involved in both banks in Delmar. He married Augusta (Mary) Culver in 1894.

Theodore A. Veasey

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