Monday, July 18, 2011


The sunflowers in my yard look good this year. What is that black thing on your arm Howard you are asking? Interesting - Last week I went for a morning walk and while on the Maryland side of town on First street I stumbled in one of the many potholes they have and took a fall flat on my face. I tried to stop by self by holding my arm out, that didn't work - just hurt my wrist bad. Mere mortals would have been destroyed by the pain but with self administered drugs and alcohol I managed to hold off going to a doctor until this morning where he said there was a chipped bone and small fracture. So now I am in an Immobilizer instead of a cast.

What gets me is Delmar Maryland has the worst streets going and yet they brag about the amount of cash they have in reserve. Delmar, Delaware may not have shit for cash but you can walk on our streets. The cash doesn't do the citizens any good if the streets are unsafe.

Anyway the sunflowers look good.

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Megan said...

I hope you wrist feels better soon... I hear that beer is good for hurt wrists!!