Sunday, July 03, 2011

Talking Dirt - Official State Dirt

Greenwich loam was named the state of Delaware’s official soil in 2000 by Governor Thomas R. Carper when he signed House Bill 436. I often forget that up there with official desserts, birds, insects, flowers etc there is also the official dirt.

The Greenwich series of loam consists of very deep, well-drained, moderately rapidly permeable soils that formed in sandy marine and old alluvial sediments overlain by a thin mantle of sediments that have a high content of silt. These soils are in the uplands on the coastal plain of Delaware and adjacent States. They are among the most productive soils in Delaware for agriculture and forestry and are considered prime farmland.

Now why would we have an official soil? Beats me - mainly official State things like this are to make the public more aware of some political agenda in this case I think it was soil conservation. Besides it makes our elected officials look like they are doing something instead of tackling the real problems they are faced with.

So let's hear it for dirt - where would we be without it?

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