Sunday, July 03, 2011

Those Wild Irish Girls

Since I don’t need tee shirts or crowds I don’t go to Ocean City, so I get my information second hand. Generally I think it has deteriorated greatly over the years and there is no way you can say it is family orientated, but that is just my opinion. Usually I hear about arrests made in Ocean City by way of family members that work for various branches of law enforcement.

Now Ocean City has a noise ordinance that they actually enforce, unlike other communities. The first visit the police give them a warning, the second they are arrested. A couple of nights ago some of the foreign young people Ocean City hires for the season (American Workers aren't good enough for the Business Owners of Ocean City) had a party and the end result was the police booked eight Irish girls who were the renters of an apartment in Ocean City and sent another 30 or so non-residents of the apartment on their way. I have been told the Irish workers that are arrested are usually arrested for noise or trespassing, they are tame compared to other foreign workers.

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