Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Woody Was There!!!

The July 2011 Delmar Joint Councils meeting was held last night at 7:00PM (Over with by 9:15). Last night's missing members was Maryland Commissioner James Henderson - due to brain surgery over the weekend. My usual disclaimer is I am not part of the council and what I write is my personal views, not the minutes, of the meetings. It is also just the parts I want to comment on or write about. If you want to know the real stories go to the meeting or buy a newspaper.

Some items in no particular order:

Councilman Woody Payne was back. After a looong absence Delaware councilman Woody Payne showed up to a joint council meeting. Pleading 80 - 90 hours work weeks on the Indian River Bridge he gave his apologies. He has missed six out of the last nine council meetings.

Jobs - the Town of Delmar is looking for a policemen and a public works person.

Personnel - Heather Chandler is back from sick leave and Ed Ferro is out on Sick leave.

The attorney for Chris Mills says settlement on the "LeCates" Building will be by the end of August.

Bunting & Murray Construction in Selbyville, DE was given the low bid contract for the Delaware Avenue and First Street project. Their bid was $697,832.

Woodcreek development said 120 residents were withholding their monthly maintenance fees and putting them into an escrow account.

Due to the exceptional work of William Hardin - Community Development Coordinator for the town, the town was able to keep $65,000 left over from an open space project and will be using it for a water fountain and new ADA approved bathroom in Gordy park/Skateboard/basketball court area.

The Delmar Delaware Comprehensive Plan, the official statement of the Town Council and Planning Commission of Delmar, setting forth policies concerning desirable future growth and serving as a general guide to public and private development decisions, was approved by Delaware Gov. Markell. Yes we have a vison for Delmar.

Commissioner Karen Wells said Greg from public Works was a great help in the recent Little League Tournament and received a number of complements on his helpfulness at the sport fields.

The Delmar High school Traffic pattern changes was put on hold for this year due to start/stop time changes in the Wicomico County School system. There was also some comments as to why the Town Police could not go by the school for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon to direct traffic and the crossing guard needs to be trained in more efficient traffic flow and children crossing. The Police Chief had told Dr. Ring he couldn't spare the men to direct traffic. Due to budget cutbacks the school was unable to afford the Delaware State trooper (School Resource Officer) they kept at the school so that person will not be available for traffic control.

In the report on the police; PFC Nathan Benson is leaving the force and the Police Chief requested emergency Hiring For an officer. The request was granted. The Chief also asked to supply Wicomico County, on an emergency basis, the Delmar K-9 unit. This was also approved. Commissioner Karen Wells said she thought it was interesting that the Police couldn't pay for an officer to direct traffic for the protection of Delmar school kids at the High School for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon but we could afford to sent our K-9 unit to help Wicomico County. Commissioner Carl Anderton asked if we would be reimbursed for the pay of the officer and was told; no the town would not as Wicomico County sends the Sheriff department to Delmar Maryland when the need arrives and Delmar does not reimburse those officers. Commissioner Anderton pointed out Delmar, Maryland was in Wicomico County and the Delmar Maryland residents paid Wicomico county taxes for that service.

The Parking ordinance was tabled until next month in which time it will be rewritten. Several residents wrote letters or stood and voiced their concerns on this ordinance.

The change to the grass cutting ordinance was approved.

The abandoned Building Ordinance was approved.

The Fee schedule was approved.

On the Maryland side of town the Speed Monitoring Device was approved. Some discourse prevailed on the approval of this but like dogs fighting over a scrap of bread the town thought it was better for them to receive the money from fines from residents than Wicomico county receiving it. No real discussion on safety of the children just who and how much money they could get from this venture.

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