Thursday, August 25, 2011

The August Planning and Zoning Meeting 2011

The August Planning and Zoning Commission was held tonight. Started at 7 PM over with by 7:15 PM. Joe Dixon was the only member missing. Commissioner Carl Anderton started the meeting with approval of the minutes. The new home for Daryl Willing in Amber Ridge was approved by a vote of 5 ayes, 1 absent and 1 nay. Tom Luffman who voted no said if Darryl Willing couldn't come before the commission and answer questions put forth by the commission than he wouldn't vote for approval.

At the last minute the representative from the Myers Group showed up for the sign approval of Shayona Pharmacy to go in by the dollar general and cash pointe store. Approval was given.

This will make a drugstore for every thousand heads in Delmar now comparable to the furniture store for every 300 people we now have.

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