Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Daily Times Has Some Interesting Articles, For a Change

For a change there were a few interesting articles in the Daily Times this morning.

The first was about Gary Daugherty from Delmar, son of Ed and Audrey Daugherty, and his navy career.

The second was Fee structure is designed to exclude by Walter E. Williams. Altho aimed at excluding Blacks from becoming their own business person I agree with the article in that the number of government and union arbitrary licensing and permitting laws is ridiculous. Even the constant requirement to have a college degree for about any job now days is just foolish as knowledge and certified education has very little correlation. You can look at such things as driver licenses requirements. Now I think people should be able to get a drivers license at 13. The amount of training by schools (again governments think parents are dumbasses and can't teach - but when their success rate is measured and they fine they are failing suddenly they are yelling the parents should have participate more) that is required. The attempt to prevent someone who dropped out of school from getting a license until they 18 (who needs a license more in order to find a job?) The job safety rules for hiring anyone under 18 is another area. There is so little they can legally do at that age no wonder they are unemployed. I could do a book on the foolishness of these artificial roadblocks put up by government to prevent people from finding a job.

The third was Welcome, Irish students, that the writer has some misguided idea that not hiring locals but bringing in Foreign workers is okay.

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Anonymous said...

There is a better story on Daugherty in the Laurel Star.