Monday, August 29, 2011

The Delmar Maryland Election 2011

Today is the first day to file to run for elected office for these slots in Delmar Maryland; The Mayor and two Commissioners. They are currently held by P. Douglas Niblett Mayor , C. Luther Hitchens Deputy Mayor, Carl James Henderson Commissioner.

I would encourage people to become politically involved. Delmar is a small town it is time to step up to the plate and take your turn at holding office. You have a moral duty to do what you can within the scope of your capabilities and opportunities to effect positive change.

Even the voters in Delmar, Maryland are looking for someone who is capable of handling the office but more important wants the office. I would encourage you to step forward and put your hat in the ring. You have had two years since the last election to think about it. If you don't know for sure you want to do it by now don't do it. If you couldn't make up your mind in two years the town sure doesn't need you governing it's future. The town also doesn't need any "Well-maybe-I-will-run-if-no-one-else-wants-it-but-I-will-wait-until-the-last-day-before-I-file-Just-in-case-someone-else-wants-it." And for all of you people that have been rejected for a job due to not having a college degree, elected offices have no education requirements. We are looking for people with common sense. This could be your first step on the run to being the president.

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