Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The DHAS Stolen Sign - 1998

From the Leader and State Register March 20, 1998

Approximately a decade ago, someone made off with the cast iron "Delmar" sign from in front of the caboose on north Pennsylvania Avenue in Delmar.

Today, members of the Delmar Historical Society are still hoping for the return of the sign, promising that if the keeper of the sign returns it to the historical society, no charges will be filed and no questions will be asked.

George Truitt of the Delmar Historical Society described the sign as about 8 - 10 inches wide by about 42 - 44 inches long. It was painted with a maroon background and featured gold lettering, he said.

Mr. Truitt said that the historical society has been looking for the sign for years, and he keeps trying in the event that whoever has possession of the sign will one day return it to its rightful owners.

"we've been trying for quite a while to get the sign back." he said "I put notices in about once a year. So I went to the police station and they said they hadn't heard anything on it. So, I keep trying to at least I'll be on record that we're still looking for it."

Mr. Truitt added that unless the sign was stolen by someone from out-of-town and taken out of the state eventually it could be returned.

"I think sometime eventually someone will say "I might as well take it back," he said. "unless it was taken up tp Pennsylvania, because a lot of times, people will come down to Delmar and Salisbury and steal railroad items and take them back up to Pennsylvania and sell the."

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the missing sign, can contact The Delmar Historical Society.

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