Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Wow so what just occurred a couple of minutes ago? I was sitting in the recliner and the whole house rocked. The neighbors came out of their house asking what was going on. So what is it earthquake or what?

UPDATE: So it was a 5.9 earthquake in Virginia. My daughter in Edinboro (Western Pennsylvania) felt it out there and called us. The other daughter in Germantown Maryland certainly felt it and gave us a call that she was okay.

Our cats were on the back porch and after the shake we opened the door and it was like a stampede for them trying to get back into the house.

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Uncle Paul said...

Good reports all around Howard.. First off your youngin's called after the earthquake and are both OK. We also learned that your cats haven't suffered. And.. Mrs. Howard made out ok..

Considering the timing of the quake, when I felt it, I thought it may have been the results of you eating all of that "bell pepper soup".

All is well in Delmar!