Monday, August 08, 2011

The Final Count Down

Rode by Wilmington Trust Tonight and the sign people were out front working on the sign. I guess they are getting ready for the switch over to Mike and Tom's bank, one of the worst banks around. Wilmington Trust had been around since 1903 and the dipshit managers ran it into the ground, lined their pockets and let M & T Bank come in and pick it up for a song with Gov. Markell blessings. Wonder how much he is paying them for the remaining jobs. This is worst than when Sussex Trust went out of business. But lets try and be bright and cheerful after all the bank is backed by our government, the same one that has done so well in finance it has been downgraded in their credit rating. So let's give a big Hip Hip Hor...

Nope the above is the best I can do for M & T.

Up Date Note: This morning I tried to sign in to Wilmington Trust On Line and could not instead I got this message "We apologize, but there was an error in our systems while processing your request. Please try again" It hasn't happened before and I figure it is but one more sign of M&T Bank who always screws something up as they don't pay attention to details.

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