Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day Filer - A Man Who Knows What He Wants

Tom “Bunky” Luffman, Jr. is Running for the office of Delmar Town Commissioner

Delmar, Maryland, USA August 29th, 2011

My name is Tom “Bunky” Luffman, Jr. and today I filed to be the next Town Commissioner in Delmar, Maryland. You may know me from my service on our Planning and Zoning Commission or my previous service on Wicomico County Board of Education Superintendent Frederickson’s Re-districting Committee.

During my time on Planning and Zoning I have consistently voted in a way that is both pro-home owner and pro-business. While I was on the Re-districting Committee I fought hard to keep Delmar children going to Delmar schools. When I joined the committee our town was faced with the specter of bussing some of our best and brightest to East Salisbury Elementary, which in turn would have forced those students to go to Wicomico Middle and High Schools. While I have nothing personal against any of these three schools (my mother went to Wi-Hi), I attended Delmar from kindergarten through graduation in 1991 and believe in the power of community and community schools. What we have in Delmar as a community is special and this is reflected and exemplified in our schools. Ask any realtor in the area and they will tell you that people want to move to Delmar so their kids can attend our schools. However, what is lesser known, but just as palpable to those of us that live here, is that the same spirit that inhabits our schools is manifest in our community as a whole. It is with this spirit that I intend on serving you as your Town Commissioner.

In the coming weeks I will launch my website (BunkyLuffman.com) that will outline my platform.

However, I promise you these things as the rock that my character and campaign stand upon:

1. I won't raise taxes
2. You'll always know where I stand
3. I won't lie to you
4. You will always be able to get ahold of me to discuss any issue

I humbly ask you to remember me when you cast your ballot for Town Commissioner.

The dates are:

Primary (if needed): Tuesday, September 27th 7am-7pm

General: Tuesday, November 15th 7am-7pm

For voting eligibility call the Delmar Town Hall: (410) 896-2777 Monday through Friday 8am-4:30pm.

God Bless America and God Bless the Wildcats of Delmar.

Tom “Bunky” Luffman, Jr.

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