Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hoss’s Steak and Sea House Stuffed Pepper Soup

Normally I try not to eat in chain restaurants while traveling but frequently it can't be avoided. While returning from Edinboro Monday we were driving thru Cranberry township, Pennsylvania between (Oil City and Clarion) and came across a Hoss’s Steak and Sea House so we decided to try it since we had not visited one before. They seem to mainly be in Pennsylvania. Generally I would describe it as a Ponderosa with seafood. Since it was lunch time we just went with the Soup and salad bar. Nicole, the hostess, was very helpful explaining the layout of the restaurant and where the food was etc.

They have a Stuffed Pepper soup that is very tasty. Of course if you don't like stuffed peppers it will not be for you but I found the combination of peppers, tomato, sauce and rice to be very good. It is more like a chili-type thing than soup.

The place was clean and the chief cook kept constant watch on the serving line, checking that it was full and up to temperature.

The location is;
Cranberry (Venango County)
2432 State Route 257
Cranberry, PA 16319
(814) 677-3002
Intersection of Rt. 322 and Rt. 257

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