Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quiet Blogging Time

This is one of those periods where I have a number of things going on that take my interest away from blogging, so it will be a week or so before anything of interest start to show up again. Between the Miller-Hastings annual family reunion, Doctor appointments, and several history research projects that are taking up a lot of my time for probably a two paragraph post on the blog, the normal meetings I attend and write about had to go by the wayside.

Getting the youngest one ready to go back to collage always call for at least one trip to the outlets in Rehoboth.

Shoe shopping is mandatory and while they looked I browsed thru the men shoes. Now we know all the shoes are made in China for about Two dollars a piece but I was looking at these Perry Ellis Shoes called "America."

and sure enough they are made in China. There should be some law (that is actually enforced) to prohibit American patriotic name on foreign imports. So boycott Perry Ellis shoes.

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