Friday, August 12, 2011

Storage Wars

I was taking a break from "working" in the yard and my daughter was looking at "Storage Wars" on A&E TV. What a bunch crap. These guys buy the contents of Rental Storage Units at auctions. They go thru this crap and say oh yea that worth $200 that's worth $100, that worth $50, etc and they paid $400 for the entire storage unit. Looking at what they got out of the storage unit I estimate it at about $75 total that they could sell from what they got out of the unit. They also come across stuff we never see in storage units round here; boats, guns, coins, cars etc and the reason we don't see that stuff around here is because the storage unit company has already picked thru and grabbed the "good" stuff before it is auctioned off. Generally speaking buying storage units are losers unless you have your own auction house or thrift store to move the stuff even then it might take you a year or two to sell it. Most of them I have bought around here belonged to people on welfare and were mainly filled with old clothes or what appeared to be great looking tools and turned out to be broken tools.

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