Monday, August 01, 2011

There but for the Grace of God, Go I

I went by the Doctor's office this morning to have my wrist checked again. There was a woman there who was a burn victim, it made my little problems even smaller compared to the challenge she must have endured and will continue to face.

I understand that one of the most frequent accidents for women before 1900 was for their clothing to catch on fire while cooking on a fireplace or campfire. The volume and length of their clothing would swash or blow into the fireplace or embers blowing out of the fireplace would catch in their clothing.

Back on June 5th in a post I had picked a few selections from Mrs.Miriam Davis Colt story of going to Kansas. In it she mentions;

“ The bottoms of our dresses are burnt full of holes now, and they will soon be burnt off. If we stay here we must needs don the Bloomer costume”

And by MAY 30TH. –“ Am wearing the Bloomer dresses now; find they are well suited to a wild life like mine. Can bound over the prairies like an antelope, and am not in so much danger of setting my clothes on fire, while cooking when these prairie winds blow”

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